Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Men Jackets 411 for winter 2012

Men Jackets 411 for winter 2012

Nothing keeps you warmer and looking more smooth than a nice, well-fitted coat or jacket. If you are looking to replace that old jacket or if you just simply want a new coat or jacket, below are a few tips and things to think about for this winter.

When buying a coat or jacket, it is always wise to consider the length and cut before making your purchase. That means doing a bit of pre-assessment, like hire me to help you hehe. It might seem stupid but, hey, why waste more time trying out each coat in the store? Or coming back to return it when you realize it does not fit?

Also, to ensure maximum satisfaction and fit, it is always better to try clothing in store first before making your purchase. You never know if you never try!

Guys with Shorter Builds
If you are of shorter physique, stay away from coats that extend to your knees or lower. They can make you look shorter and out of proportion since they visually reduce the length of your legs (something you will want to avoid with a shorter build) while elongating your torso. Yup, clothes can do that—the power of optical illusions.

Guys with Taller Builds
Style and cut selection varies a bit if you are above average in height. If you are slender and tall, avoid coats that end at the waist. You may end up looking like a torso attached to stilts. Long coats that extend well below your knees can also have a similar, out of proportion effect. Instead, consider coats that are of three quarter length (for a more modern look) or end mid-thigh.

Guys with Average Builds
If you are around average height, lucky you. Most styles and cuts should work for you. Just pick and choose!

Guys with Tall but Large Builds
If you have trouble finding a coat or jacket that fits right, try shopping beyond the borders.

Pick and choose: Types of jackets for winter 2012

That means the typical trench coat would not work. But if you are going for that particular cut, try a trench coat styled jacket that ends mid-thigh or higher. Here are several suggestions:

1) Peacoats - Flip the collar up for a less structured and more edgy look (the same method, however, does not apply to polo shirts, contrary to popular belief). Add a scarf for a pop of colour. If wearing a scarf, have it tucked in to where only the neck area is showing the scarf.  Accessories outside of a coat tend to be overwhelming.  The coat should fall at the bottom of the hips and hit right in the middle of the bum or just below.  Don’t make your peacoat too long because your defining shape will be lost; but don’t make it too short or you will appear extremely overweight!    

2) Military-inspired jacket - For a more casual look, try a military-inspired jacket. If you brave wearing fur - the faux fur-lined interior will keep you super warm!

3) Faux Leather Jackets - There should not be too much open space in the waist area and it should look well-fitted and not boxy. It is a leather jacket, not some old, frumpy bomber jacket. Think a modern, edgy, not cheesy, 70’s used car salesman look.

4) The puffy: The new puffy coats are still filled with down, mostly, but they're different. They're toned down, sort of half-puffy. Goodbye to over-inflated Michelin Man jackets; slimmer styles are in. These new coats could be described as quilted because, without so much inflation, you can see the stitching and the pattern it makes. But notice how smooth the face is, how minimal the quilting ... how the stuffing doesn't make you look fat..

Remember, finding the style that speaks you is very important. 
Trends are secondary—something you can incorporate.

Happy Shopping :) 


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